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Thanks for your curiosity. We are so glad you dropped by. Here is a little bit about us...

Million Dollar Book Formula is the brainchild of writing team Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. (AKA: us.)

We launched our speaking and training business with a book. We manged to write and publish it in 1998 pre-Amazon. Dinosaurs were also roaming the planet, it was a crazy time. We managed to sell about 40,000 copies of that book. 

A few years later, we wrote and published Go for No! It took 10 years for Go for No! to finally hit #1 on Amazon's Sales & Selling best-seller list. That was on December 31, 2010. We have stayed in the top 100 of sales books and its been in the top 10 books in the multi-level category for the last 8 years. The road for Go for No! was not an easy one, but it taught us a lot about book writing, publishing, and marketing books. 

Along the way we also wrote and published other books to varying degrees of success.  

Along the way, we have casually consulted with, and given advice to people who have written and published books. We always loved doing it, but it was not something we thought about turning into a real "thing" (i.e. business.) In fact, we did a full day workshop for the National Speakers Association Oregon chapter to rave reviews but we were so caught up in our own writing, we never pursued teaching further.

Then, one time a few years ago, we took everything we knew about book publishing, and completely through it out the window! We ignored every single piece of advice we would ever give anyone when it comes to writing and publishing books. That book sold 13 copies. 

So, you can see we have an incredible depth of knowledge and experience. 

After careful analysis, we have crafted what we know to be the formula for writing a non-fiction book that will sell really well, maybe even forever.

Our most recent book, Go for No! for Network Marketing hit #1 on Amazon's multi-level list and has sold over 10,000 copies since being released less than a year ago. By the way, that book follows the formula perfectly.

Sadly, we have watched a lot of books come out recently to great fanfare only to die a quick death on Amazon. Why is this happening? We can tell you even without reading them, most of those books are missing some key ingredients in the formula. 

So, we said, that's it. We need to start teaching this. We're finally ready. And people need this. 

So... if you want to write a non-fiction book, you find it difficult to find two people with our level of expertise, experience, and passion for books.

On a personal note, we are married. We enjoy a good glass of red wine. Love going to movies. We own a two year old cat named Storey who likes to attack Richard's feet when he is sleeping. And we want to see you get your book out. (We're sure out of all that we have something in common!) 

We look forward to teaching you the Million Dollar Year Book formula. isn't it time you get your book out?


Thank you for your interest in Million Dollar Book Formula!

We want to help you get your book out! Watch for an email soon to help you do just that. The course will be relaunching very soon.

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