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Have you always wanted to a write a book? Would having a book help your business? Might it increase your credibility and expertise while providing you an additional stream of income? If you answered yes, keep reading...


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A Book Can Change Everything...

A book can do a lot for you. A single book changed the entire course of our lives and business. However, the thought of writing and publishing a book is overwhelming for most people.

  • They think they don’t have the time. (We have a way around this and it’s not what you think!)
  • They think they don’t have the expertise. (Not true! It’s only because you have not come up with the right strategy.)
  • And, then there is the biggest concern: what if I spend all that time and energy (and money) but then the book never sells?

It's a valid concern. We’ve seen hundreds of books roll out with great fanfare never to sell more than a handful of copies. You probably have too and that’s why you are worried.

Well, that’s where Million Dollar Book Formula comes in. You must have a plan, a strategy, and know what you are doing before you write and then publish your book. “Publish. Hope. Pray” is not a strategy for getting out your book in a successful way.

That's why if you are ready, we have a wonderful opportunity for you. Learn from two people who will teach you exactly what you need to know to achieve success with a non-fiction book.  There are some things you must do, some things to make it wildly easier on yourself, and some mistakes you absolutely must avoid.

And trust us, we know what those things are! We've been at this for 20 years. In 1998, we wrote and self published our first book. We sold 40,000 copies. Oh, and did not exist. Later on we wrote and published, Go for No! To date, we are at over 400,000 copies sold.

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Why You Want Experts

There are a lot of book publishing and marketing experts out there. We are friends with many of them! Whether you choose to work with us or someone else... get help. It is worth investing in people who can teach and coach you through the process. (And ideally have best selling books to their credit as well.)

About Us

We are Richard Fenton and Andrea Waltz. We are a married writing team, professional speakers and commonly known as, the “Go for No” people.

We’ve spent the last twenty years as professional speakers and trainers and authors of several business books, the most well-known one being, ‘Go for No!’

We love being entrepreneurs and the freedom that we’ve achieved thanks to writing and publishing our non-fiction books has been incredible. That's why we are sharing our Million Dollar Book Formula. 

A Little Background...

In 1998, we wrote and self-published our first book. It was the tool we used to launch our speaking and training business. We sold 40,000 copies. Oh, and did not exist. A couple years later, we wrote and published, Go for No! To date, we are at about 400,000 copies sold. Since then we’ve written and published several other books and most recently, in 2017, the best-selling book, Go for No! for Network Marketing.

We’ve been giving advice to people for years when it comes to writing and publishing books. But with growing our own writing and speaking business, we never had time to pursue anything beyond the casual consultation.

Lots of Experience

By the way, if our story sounds "lucky" or "easy" we should tell you right now we had no idea what we were doing when we started. We made tons of costly mistakes and had some spectacular failures (don’t worry we will tell you all about those!) Along the way, through the successes and failures, we’ve collected knowledge and a depth of experience that you will not find with many other authors or trainers.

That said, we've watched a lot of people release books over the last few years to die a quick death on Sadly, without even reading the book we can pinpoint the few reasons why the book didn't succeed... and the reasons were totally avoidable. That's why we are so excited to have created this program. 

Featured on

Book writing, marketing and publishing expert, Henry DeVries, released on article on entitled How to Write a Best-Seller Like Think and Grow Rich using a few of our strategies! 

Need More Personalized Assistance?

Other Ways to Work With Us

In addition to the Million Dollar Book Formula course which launches 3-4 times a year, we offer the following services. To discuss your needs and for our schedule availability, please email [email protected]

2 Day Intensive

Want to bypass weeks, months or years of struggle? Meet with us for two full days of personal consultation. Walk away with a plan for writing and publishing your book that will achieve your specific goals for having the book. 

Personal Coaching

If a two day intensive is not for you maybe coaching is. We will help you in any stage of writing, publishing or marketing your book. Sessions are available in 30 minute or one hour intervals.  


Want us to come speak to your group on how to write, self-publish and/or market a best-selling book? We're your speakers! Talks can be customized in length and on topic. Please inquire. 

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